Defibrillator- Help save lives

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We at the Nunawading Vikings Basketball Club are fundraising to purchase a Defibrillator.Every year over 23,000 people suffer from cardiac arrhythmia; Sudden Cardiac Arrest does not discriminate and can occur without any warning signs. That's where a defibrillator unit can help - a 'defib' can restart the heart and provide crucial assistance. With the grant and the clubs fundraising we can purchase a unit and training. A defibrillator unit can save lives. Please consider us for this grant.

The total project cost is… $2 300.00

The major costs associated with the project are…
'defib' - $2,300.00

The $1,000 grant will be used in conjuction with fund raising funds to purchase a Defibrillator Unit and Training.

We are having a sausage sizzle on the 8th June plus raffles during the year. We have already raised $190.00 from a Raffle.